InterConnect Study Registry: Enabling the discovery of studies relating to diabetes and obesity

Data harmonisation algorithms for studies relating to diabetes and obesity

To help with the discovery of data relevant to gene-environment interaction in diabetes and obesity, InterConnect has created a registry of studies. If you would like to include your study in this registry please contact:

Some of the studies in the registry have participated in cross-cohort analyses using a federated meta-analysis approach in which 'the analysis comes to the data'. As part of this process, data have been harmonised to common scales and measures.

This part of the registry catalogues the harmonisation algorithms from these studies for reuse, making it easier for researchers to harmonise similar data sets in the future.

Harmonisation algorithms are provided for studies participating in research investigating:

  • Physical activity during pregnancy and its effects on neonatal outcomes
  • Consumption of fish and its effects on risk of diabetes

Further research is in progress and harmonisation algorithms will be added in the future for research investigating:

  • Consumption of legumes and their effects on risk of diabetes
  • Dietary patterns and their effects on risk of diabetes