InterConnect Study Registry: Enabling the discovery of studies relating to diabetes and obesity

Researchers need to know what studies are being conducted. To help with this discovery of data, InterConnect is creating an online registry of studies relevant to gene-environment interaction in diabetes and obesity.

Our approach is to enable wide coverage of studies with a limited set of information that can largely be collated from information already in the public domain. This creates little burden for each individual study while enabling sign-posting of a large number of studies useful for cross-cohort analyses. Meta-data currently included in the registry comprises:

  • Study name, contact, reference paper, website
  • Study design, timeline, number of participants
  • Broad categories of ethnic and racial groups recruited
  • Health information at baseline and during follow up, as well as key exposures
  • Participant selection criteria and recruitment procedures

Please get in touch if you would like to include your study in this registry: InterConnectRegistry@mrc-epid.cam.ac.uk